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Pictures coming soon.

Tomas is…Snape!
Bismarck is…Viktor Krum!
Ryan is…Ron!
Kate H. is…Hermione!
Eric is…Hagrid!
The Crazy Guy is…Trelawney!
Guy is…Sirius!

Amy, Kate H., and I were trying to pass time on the site today, so we started imagining ourselves as Harry Potter characters.  Some of the personalities surprisingly fit well.  Like Tomas, for example, who is really a good guy but is so mysterious and extremely terrifying…he is definitely a Snape.

Today we basically finished the tower and rotated the tanks.  We put the pipe crossings in along with most of the pipes.  These crossings included adding some of our geotextile fabric to the fill in deep trenches that go under roadways.  Cars do cross these roads in the village, so we have to make sure the pipes don’t crush.

I have continued my story from yesterday that Ryan is my husband.  The guy never came to fight him yesterday and Ryan very enthusiastically expressed to us that he does not carry a gun and the he does not think fighting is a good idea… We just laughed because we knew the whole conversation had been sarcastic anyway.

I made friends with some kids in the village who hold my hand and wait for me after school.  I also befriended some flea-ridden dogs and puppies.  It’s sad though to see the villagers not care about animals at all.  They kick them just for being near them.

I got a lot of palm wine today, two bottles full.  The second bottle came from Yaoundé with a man who also gave me and Ryan and Eric kola nuts.  They tasted horrible, but apparently there’s some kind of hallucinogen in them.  There must be, ’cause I don’t know who would ever think eating them was a good idea.  A woman asked Eric for a sip of his drink, but then she took the whole thing.  Belinda, one of the village girls, was standing with me and she noticed my nose jewel.  It fascinated her, so she told all of her friends.  Belinda and I became best friends, basically.

As we were walking back past the palm wine-stealing lady and Belinda, we were finding ourselves in the midst of people working still (surprise!).  They were finishing the biggest road crossing.  Amongst them were a handful of suave looking men in bright white suits.  They were just standing and watching.  Apparently they had arrived recently, maybe with the guys from Yaoundé.  These guys, however, were not as nice.  Instead of giving us gifts of thanks, they stuck their hands out and demanded money.  I was appalled and asked why because their clean, fancy suits clearly showed they have done no work for this project whatsoever, meanwhile their grandmothers were probably digging trenches.

When we got back to the compound, I invited Samuel upstairs.  He had been working in the dark with us and I was beginning to respect his efforts.  He came up for a glass of Scotch, and then left.

Today was a beans and potatoes day at dinner.  Between Christmas and New Years out here already, today I just feel jumpy and need to run.  A lot.  But I’m not sure how many people “go running” here.  They’d probably laugh at me.