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Here in northern Slovakia is the Terchová Valley in the Malá Fatra mountains in the Žilina District where my friend lives.  Today, we went hiking through that district, starting with the region where Juraj Jánošík, the Robin Hood of Slovakia, was born.  We first visited the monument of the hero, then we hiked for several hours in the region of the Janosikove holes.  It was my friend, his father, his wife, and his small son.

I taught Patrik how to grass whistle today.

The terrain was surprisingly rugged in areas, especially around the waterfalls where we had to use rickety ladders and walkways that were slick and definitely not up to American standards of safety.  I was surprised at everyone´s ability to keep up.

Me on the hike.

We only made a couple of stops, including two breaks for beer and snacks.  The first snack was the classic cheese whip, syrové korbáčiky.  After hiking, we had some bryndzové halušky, the national dish of Slovakia.  When we were done, we dropped off the grandfather at his house and had some coffee and icecream.  We got to pet the family dog, cat, and two sheep.  Then we came home for more wine as always!  The wine is from Skalica.  Little Patrik, his cousin, and I played some music and used iMovie to make silly photos.  Patrik starred in his own “music video”.  We have been teaching each other our languages.  A short entry, but a tiring day!