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I said bye to my friends today in Zilina and boarded the same train I had taken to Bratislava a few days ago when I went to Vienna. This time, I got out at Bratislava for a quick meal and waited for a train to Budapest. The meal I had was the National Slovak dish again with a lemon beer like what Juraj bought me the first full day in Slovakia at the caves. When I caught my train, it was a 2.5 hour ride into the capitol of Hungary. The Danube was still high but going down. I got off the train and met with a friend, Eva, whom I met through another friend. She is willing to show me her city for the weekend.

We first walked to the metro where I bought a pass and took the train to a grocery store. Outside, I saw men pedaling on a beer tour that looked like a rectangular bar on wheels. One poor guy had to sit at the bottom to control the thing while the other poured themselves drinks and pedaled. We passed the new sightseeing ferris wheel next and proceeded down a few streets with historic buildings and some monuments. There was even a bronze, fat man standing in the middle of the street. When we got to the river, we crossed on the Chain Bridge with its tongue-less lions and headed towards Castle Hill. I hadn’t realized there is a Buda and a Pest side to town. Crossing the bridge, we could see the monuments on the hills, including Buda Castle.


We climbed to a lookout over the Buda Castle Tunnel and took pictures from there. Then we headed back to take a couple of buses and a metro to Eva’s home where I met her family. We had some chilled cherry soup and pasta with sour cream and cheese. We went next door to pick more cherries and I met her grandparents. I gave her grandpa a 10 rupee bill because she said he collects money and he seemed very excited by it. He wanted to pay me for it but I told him rupees are hardly worth anything! Eva had me try a cherry that had a gash in it and said her grandpa would tell her that those cherries were the ones the birds tasted and they were the sweetest. We laughed, but I ate it, and it wasn’t bad. After we picked our cherries, we went back to Eva’s house and chatted on the porch until it was time for bed. More sightseeing in the morning 🙂