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Johannes and I left camp without any surprises this time except for hot weather.  We drove back the way we came, stopped for bread at a boulangerie outside the city, then parked in a parking garage in the city.  We started walking to find the others’ hostel when we came across a wallet in an alley.  The papers inside indicated it was from a man in a wheelchair.  There were only coins left in it, so I’m guessing someone stole it, his cards, his cash, and threw the rest in the alley.  We changed our route and instead asked for directions until we found ourselves at the police station.  On the way, we encountered the others who were going in a similar direction to see the gardens.  We kept separately for the day.  Johannes and I finally found the station but it was closed, so the tourist office took the wallet for us and the information we had on where we found it, too.

Johannes and I first went in search of food and Carrefour City for some groceries.  We stopped at des Halles, but they weren’t very extensive and chose to move on to a shop.  After we were done, we walked to several churches and hit the main attractions, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the gardens and old well near the city’s aqueduct, and the enormous cathedral.  We returned to the fountains at Place de la Comedie and took the blue line towards Antigone, a modern center with more sculptures, fountains, and an Olympic pool.  We took the line back to the carrousel in the city then walked to grab a snack at a shop and meet the others near the car.  We took a group photo before heading out.

The drive back to Arles was only about an hour long.  There were women and men walking around still in costume for La Fete du Cotume.  We parked by my house and unloaded, the others walked home, then Johannes cleaned his car and gratefully used my family’s shower before mixing himself some instant coffee and saying goodbye.  He has a drive clear back to Cologne before school tomorrow.  After we parted, I went inside to say hi to my sister and took a shower, then I walked to the café for Wi-Fi to update some things online.  I texted Alex and we met up for dinner when he got out of a movie he saw by himself, a Hebrew film with French subtitles.  We ate at Le Blue Note and split Appalachian and Provencal pizzas.  I had some black currant kir to go with it.  We were pleased with the meal then went to Ice-To-Ice for Wi-Fi.  I ordered pistachio ice cream but we only had a short time before the network was shut down with the shop.  We crossed the street to Paddy Mullin’s to sneak some more Wi-Fi in while sitting on the wall beside the restaurant.  We’re making plans for a trip to Switzerland this weekend.  When Alex was ready to walk home, I stayed to type an article for my column then I went for a night walk to photograph Van Gogh’s café site and the starry night photo over the river.  I wanted the photos in a night setting, too.  Alas, I returned for the first comfortable night sleep in a long time.


Our campsite.


Arc de Triomphe.




Group shot in Montpellier!