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We woke up to a drizzling morning.  Our car was freezing cold.  We rolled quietly out of the camp site and started back down the winding road towards Keswick.  This time the roads weren’t so intimidating and we could see how amazing the view was.  Some stray sheep darted across the road as we made our way out of Grange.  We passed back through a quiet Keswick on our way to Edinburgh.

When we found the highway, we started driving and I noticed on my map a town called “Moffat” that was just across the Scottish border.  ‘Moffat’ was my great-great-grandfather’s name.  Dan and I stopped in town just long enough for me to buy postcards and take photos.  We also stopped at the Mill to buy some souvenirs.  We chose to take the scenic route out of Moffat towards Edinburgh and photographed many scenes of sheep and steep, rolling green hills.  Before long we had arrived in Edinburgh were it was necessary to dart around the throngs of people attending concerts and the Tattoo in town.

We parked at the Omni center in Edinburgh and ate at a local place that had Wi-Fi for free.  We made the castle of Edinburgh our destination point, passing and photographing several other sites along the way as the city plans to install a new rail system.  We passed several magnificent buildings and picturesque streets full of crowds.  We made the way up to the castle, passing through the arena where the Tattoo plays and buying tickets to continue through the castle on a self-guided tour.  We could see the whole city from the hill, including the extinct volcano and islands surrounding the region.

After we had walked around enough, we headed out of Edinburgh for the Highlands.  We had decided to make Loch Ness our goal: we wanted to see Nessie!  We drove and drove and drove through endless hillsides, stopping once in Laggan for restrooms and later gas and snacks.  We bought some kindling, canned food, beer, and tin foil with the intentions of having a cookout.  By the time we reached Loch Ness, however, we weren’t able to pinpoint exactly which campground I had mapped out for us to use..  We found one which was probably the one I had found before, but there was no one at the gate.  We slipped in to find no tents whatsoever and chose to pull into an empty lot again.  We rolled up jackets in our windows and played Easy A on my laptop while drinking our beers and shivering against the definitive cold that lingers in northern Scotland.  It was a long day and we were longing for a shower, but the air was too cold to use the shower houses and the dark fog floating around Loch Ness was intimidating.


Scenery outside of Grange, England.


Moffat, Scotland!


A street in Moffat.


Me outside of Moffat on a scenic route in southern Scotland.




Laggan, Scotland.


Edinburgh, Scotland.


Edinburgh from the castle.


Me within the castle walls.


Me with Edinburgh in the background.  You could see the volcano from the hill.