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We woke up in the morning and called frantically to change our bus tickets, ferry tickets, and book a night in a hotel in Campbeltown.  Once that was cleared up, we drove the car back to the rental place, took a cab back to the bus station, and had a Scottish breakfast as we waited for the bus to arrive.  I bought some Lilts and Walker’s for the four-hour ride and we boarded the bus.  We sat quietly for some time as we passed Loch Lomond and started into new territory, then Dan and I opted to watch a movie, pausing here and there to photograph the incredibly blue skies and green mountains.  When we stopped at a port halfway to Campbeltown, I got out for the short break to photograph the boats and the lake that looked like a giant, still mirror.

Upon our arrival in Campbeltown, we checked in to our hotel, thankfully showered (the first time in several days!), and headed downstairs for some dinner.  We indulged in a full meal (haggis, neeps, turnip soup, etc.) with a bottle of wine.  We didn’t finish the wine at the table but instead took it back to our room where we finished watching our movie, watched a second movie, and sat up talking instead of getting a solid night’s sleep in.  The day was not very eventful but we were relieved to have things relaxed for a bit.

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