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We woke up and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel in the morning before checking out, storing our bags up front, and setting out by foot to see some of Belfast.  We were too tired to go very far but Belfast is a very condense city.  We walked nearly all of the central and northern parts of town, turning around once we got to the Titanic dock at the far end of the city (where they made the Titanic).  We called a cab at the museum to save us time and energy.  The cab took us back to the hotel where we grabbed our bags and then straight to the station to catch the next train to Dublin, Ireland.  Dan didn’t want to arrive late in Dublin because he had rented a car, so we were off by lunch time on the train.

The trains in Northern Ireland and Ireland have free Wi-Fi.  We took advantage of this and watched some of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as well.  We snacked on instant coffee, chocolate bars, and crisps, not having too many other options (especially because I don’t eat meat).  We were at Dublin in a couple of hours.  From the Connolly station, it wasn’t a far walk to the Gresham where we checked in and left our bags for a cab to the airport.  At the airport, we picked up our new rental car, a black Renault Megane that we named “Renaulter”.  We fought with the GPS “Jeffrey” to get back and find a parking garage for the night.

Before returning the car, we made the very last tour at the Guinness Storehouse.  We ended up missing the pour-your-own-beer station and instead took our free beer at the Gravity Bar.  After we dropped off the car, we continued to find food at L. Mulligan Grocer’s.  I had a vegetarian Scotch Egg, Dan had a Scotch Egg, we both had a microbrew similar to the Jolly Stout I drink at home, and then we ordered chips and salt dips as we sat and talked for a few hours.  The restaurant was a great find and the people were extremely nice and chatty.  The men was tied into the pages of text books.  Our bill came in a metal instrument box and we were given free gummies for dessert.  I had originally wanted to go to the Temple Bar district for beer after, but I was so tired and not feeling great so we took some Guinness up to our room from the bar at the Gresham.  The woman at the bar joked that Americans are too polite asking what they can and can’t do (May we bring the beer to our rooms? – Just do it, and if you can’t and I don’t know then what would the harm have been?).  She gave us free “Irish chocolates”.  We enjoyed our treats before getting much-needed rest.


The Lagan River in Belfast.


Titanic museum.


Me in the Titanic sign.


At the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.


Vat with film to illustrate what would be happening inside.


Me enjoying my free glass.


Vegetarian Scotch Eggs at L. Mulligan’s.