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I had back-to-back games at the Coliseum in the morning. Jess and I then went downtown to take some photos, grab a drink and nachos at the Downtown Grill & Brewery (where there was a lot of pool, live jazz, and Superbowl anticipation), then we walked to the Sunsphere to photograph the area around the Knoxville Convention Center. We had to mosey on out after a bit in order to make Lexington in time for dinner with my friend Ali, whom I met in France. We were perfectly on schedule as we drove north out of the city until, suddenly, we stopped at Jellico to get gas, crossed the Tennessee-Kentucky border, and watched my oil light go crazy.

Long story short, we tried 1000 things until we finally took a tow from Corbin to London, Kentucky, got a hotel room, and accepted that we weren’t going to be in Lexington for dinner or at work the next day. To make matters worse, we landed ourselves in a dry county. Everyone looked horrified when we said we got Jellico gas (apparently it’s notorious for being watered down), and we were stranded carless in a downpour. That didn’t stop us for taking a walk and soon we found the Mexican restaurant beside us had not only the Superbowl on TV but also REAL MARGARITAS. We had a blast at the restaurant, ran back to the hotel, and then decided to go swimming in our underwear at the pool. We put Florida Georgia Line on my phone at full volume, the pool to ourselves right before close. We made slow-motion film of us jumping in…and then I did a backflip and broke my nose underwater. Face-timing with Jeff made our night feel a little better, but Jess and I were just plain old tuckered out and eventually went to bed.


Another shot from the sunset in the Smokies.  But it’s hard to catch it right on film.


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