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After another morning practice, the team left together on the subway system to Lantau Island.  There, we took gondola cars up a really long route to the mountains.  Jacob and I had dim sum at the village on the top of the mountain until the rest of the team joined us, then we walked up to the Tian Tan Buddha – or “Big Buddha”.  Although one of the people in our group had originally told us it was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is in fact not and was built in 1993.

We walked up the pathways to the enormous Buddha, took a lot of photos, and didn’t really see anything else because we had to make it back for a team dinner.  We came all the way back to Tsim Sha Tsui through some underground passages and met in the lobby.  We crossed the roads outside a short distance to the Bay and waited for our boat.  Mr. Weedman, or “The Weed” as we call him, made reservations at Rainbow Seafood on Lamma Island at Sok Kwu Wan in the Lamma Fisherfolk Village.  Our boat took us straight to the pier outside of the restaurant.

We sat down to two large, circular tables with spinning centers.  One dish came out after the other of seafood and bean curd and all sorts of rice and vegetables and meat dishes.  Tsingtaos were included on the rotation.  After a long time of eating, we finally were done eating, loaded on the boat, and headed back to our hotel for the night.  Our first two games are tomorrow.