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Today, Jacob and I woke up early to take the subway to Hong Kong Island.  There, we changed lines and headed towards the east side of the island.  We got off of the subway at Shau Kei Wan and took a bus towards the fishing village of Shek O.  We got off on the ridge where the Dragon’s Back starts.  We wanted to hike to the end and take a bus back to the subway, but the map didn’t seem to have a way to do that.  The only cut-overs were “impassable” and we didn’t have luck finding them, so instead we hiked about half of the 8km trail and turned back.

The trail had a lot of steps built in it which made it pretty easy to walk, but it was definitely a dragon’s back – going sharply up and down across the top of the mountains.  We would dip down into some brush and sometimes trees, then emerge again on an open hilltop in the strong sea breeze.  We could see different villages, towns, and small cities with high risers here and there around the horizon.  There was even a golf course and some beaches with people on them on the north side of the trail.  The breeze was nice but the air was still incredibly humid and somewhat hot.

When we reached the bus line, we took a ride back down and returned to Central on the subway.  This is the area where the protests are currently.  We got off at Central and headed towards Yung Kee for some dim sum. It was a lot fancier than we expected and we had to wait until 2pm (which was only 15 minutes) before we could have dim sum.  The service was pretty terrible and Jacob ended up not even liking his tripe dim sum.  We left as quickly as we could and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our games.

Our first game, we lost 4-5 against China.  In between the games we had enough time to grab dinner.  Jacob and I took off for bubble tea from Saint Alp’s beside the Starbucks by the Jordan stop.  I had been wanting bubble tea since yesterday when we came back from practice and stopped in iSquare to grab some pastries.  (I’ve found that I basically love any dessert stuffed with red beans.)  At Saint Alp’s, we also had very cheap bowls of rice and noodles.  We came back to the game against Hong Kong and won 7-3.  We plan to go to Macau tomorrow so no late night for us.  Besides, we’ve already walked around the Stars along the Bay and paid too much for cheap beer.