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Today was our first play-off game.  We had to win it to guarantee winning a medal.  We thought we were going to play Sweden, but we were actually scheduled to play Hong Kong instead.

For breakfast, Jacob and I decided to just try the hotel buffet like most of the team does.  We found that it was a lot of money for not that much of a food selection.  We sat and milked it as long as we could.  Bear joined us for a while, then we got told to leave because the buffet was closing.  We went back to our rooms and got ready for the game.

We had to be at the rink pretty early.  We kept Carl in net this game.  It was a much closer game than before, but we still knocked Hong Kong out 4-1.  Now we are guaranteed a medal in our Gold game tomorrow against China.

After the game, we had a little bit of time.  Jacob and I took off back towards Jordan Road and to the Miromar Tower for lunch at the Indian Kebab Factory.  Jacob got a spicy eggplant curry with basmati and I got paneer kebab with a yoghurt sauce.  We split some garlic naan and had two kinds of wine.  For dessert, we had a lassi with alcohol.  It was reallllyyy good.  We’ve had alllll kinds of Asian food since we came here….

On the way back to the rink, we stopped at a little bitty bakery and bought all of their egg tarts (only 13), then brought them back and shared them with the team.  Next, we scrimmaged the Australian team.  It was a pretty fun, easy game until one guy got too aggressive and head locked Chuck…but Katie gave me a pass that I one-timed, so were excited to have scored together.  The scrimmage really didn’t count for anything because we were having fun, but it was a 3-2 match – and we swapped our goalies around a lot.

That evening, I was exhausted.  We came back to the hotel and I fell asleep for a little.  Then Katie and Tyler went out with Tyler’s dad to Central and Jacob and I decided to look up how to go to Victoria’s Peak.  We took the subway to Central and walked up a hill to the Lower Terminus of the funicular.  That took us up to the top of the mountain which was shrouded entirely in a cloud.  The 360-degrees restaurant at the top had just closed because it was 11pm, and the last trolley left at midnight, so it was 11pm and we had to wander back outside in the fog to eventually find our way back down.  We really couldn’t see a thing…but when we got back, I grabbed a guava juice at 7-11 and passed out immediately.