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We took our day pretty slow.  Jacob and I spent the morning trying to find an open foot massage place, but it was a Sunday and most places wouldn’t open until we needed to leave for our Gold medal game versus China.    Instead, we bought a bunch of souvenirs and post cards.  We caught up with Katie, Tyler, Dave, and Chuck to get lunch.  Chuck ended up choosing to go to McDonald’s, but Dave joined us at Spaghetti House.  Jacob and I weren’t too impressed – it was literally just quick Italian food.  I guess spaghetti was a good pre-game meal.

From Spaghetti House, we headed early to the rink.  We stopped at Saint Alp’s again to get a bubble tea take-away.  We were all early and ready for the game… When we went on, the rink was sticky from the humidity.  We had a long warm up and then 2 16’s.  We started at a 2-0 deficit but ended up coming back for a 6-4 win for the gold over China!  We all took photos together and had a big awards ceremony, then cleared out.

Coach ordered two vans to take our gear from some weird alley in the hospital area.  Jacob and I left from that area and followed the construction detour.  (Side Note: Hong Kong is great for blind people, apparently.  No pun intended…  Because they have little strips for guiding them on the ground in most places, including the subway, and beeping moving walkways, etc.)  On our way down the ramp, we saw Gustav the Swedish goalie struggling with his gear.  Half of the small Swedish team missed where our team went, so Gustav was among the few players who didn’t get to share our van.  Jacob and I helped him drag his stuff so he would stop hitting people on the sidewalk (he’s really tall which doesn’t help).  Bear caught up with us in the subway and also helped.  Gustav repaid us with delicious Kinder bars.

When we got back to the YMCA, it was a mad rush to shower and dress up and head out.  Jacob and I led a group to our prime sushi place, Itacho, on Ashley Road.  It was a big group but they had perfect timing and walked right in.  Then Jacob and I got on the metro and crossed the Bay to Hong Kong Island at Central and started walking a long way up to SoHo.  We took the escalators the entire way – it’s the longest escalator system outside in the world.  We got to the top, turned around, and headed back down to SoHo.  Using my Fodor book, we almost got Peruvian (it was closed on Sundays) and decided to wing a non-reservation at SiChuan Da Ping Huo.  We were lucky and got the last table.

It was a small place with a set course.  It was $350 HK per person, then Jacob and I bought a bottle of wine for about the same price.  We had three appetizers, several main courses, and a dessert.  It was SPICY which was EXACTLY what we wanted.  In fact, the waitress said we won TWO awards: 1. The first people to actually drink the sauce from the spiciest dish, and 2. The first people to be so hungry that we slurped sauce all over the white table clothes and made such a mess that she had to put down napkins… Ooops… Haha!

After we paid and the sweet waitress took our photo voluntarily and wished us a good time in Hong Kong, we walked up the escalators about one street and stopped at an Organic Resto-Bar for beers to-go.  Yup, open container.  We walked down to the pier and watched the Bay, realizing we had missed the light show again.  However, a classic Hong Kong boat with its sails in a red-orange light cruised into view and made our night!  We tried to find the others, who were allegedly at Castro’s, but we ended up coming back to the hotel instead.  While setting our alarms to go to the beach in the morning, we fell asleep, books in hand.  Katie and Tyler walked in, the lights were still on, and it was so late that we all just went to bed – for real this time.