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I’m not sure when we actually went to bed on Sunday night, but it was probably actually early Monday morning.  Regardless, Jacob and I got up at 6am, slipped out of the room without waking anyone up, and jumped on the subway to Central.  At Central, we searched for one of several double-decker bus lines heading to Repulse Bay.  We wanted to visit the beach but were worried about how much time we had.  On the way to Repulse, we saw Deep Water Bay with an active beach a couple stops closer and decided to get out there instead.

This beach was much smaller with a view of mountains and a gondola going up them.  The beach was fairly busy for 7:30am on a Monday.  A lot of elderly people were jogging in the sand and doing morning exercises in the water.  There was a swimming area roped off for them.  We walked down into the water and along the coarse sand beach.  There weren’t many seashells, but we saw some interesting birds.  The water was a little chilly but it felt warmer the longer we stood in it.  We decided to head back at 8am to avoid the rush hour at 9am.

We got off sooner, at Admirality rather than Central.  It put us closer to Tsim Sha Tsui. At the complex where the station is, we split up.  I bought some coffee and macaroons at the McDonald’s and stepped outside to find myself in the middle of an Umbrella Movement riot.  We had passed some tents in the streets and some posters, umbrellas, and painted propaganda, but here there was a full-blown riot.  I pulled out my camera to join the others who were filming and looked around for Jacob.  He had gone to another floor.  I turned around to find McDonald’s had shut its doors so I couldn’t go back inside.

Out of nowhere, people in dust masks and construction hats started leaping and running into the mess.  Someone was being dragged.  A bunch of police were rushing in and the crowd was moving my way.  Jacob arrived just as they shut the A exit in Admirality.  He dragged me away as the riot move towards us and we sneaked down some stairs into a second entrance of the metro.  The police downstairs had A completely blocked off and we rushed to the train before anything got worse.  (Here)  Apparently we weren’t far from the pepper spray action when we walked the piers, Central, and SoHo regions Sunday night…

We got back to the YMCA and all scrambled to pack.  Katie and Tyler took a cab, but Jacob and I filled out our post cards, mailed them, and took the train.  When I got to the airport, Jacob wasn’t allowed to check in yet and I had one series of problems after another.  Well, either way… I ended up eventually boarding the plane with Tyler and Katie.  Jacob is, as far as I know, still in Vancouver at this point – but the rest of us made it to Dallas.  Then the other two went to Dayton and I’m back in PA.  So many photos still to upload…and, yes, my Monday was 37 hours long.  Thanks International Date Line!