Halló, subscribers, stumble-uponers, and other visitors!

I realize I never updated my blog with the rest of my trip to Morocco.  I was taking exams overseas for my Masters of Engineering program at the time and found myself doing schoolwork at 4am just to keep up.  The positive part of that is I got to hear prayers sung from the megaphones on the mosques in the medina.  The downside is I was so busy both inside and outside of the riad that I completely forgot about this blog.  Completely.

Now as I sit at a window in the San Francisco airport, I am fretting over three things: 1) finishing my online homework; 2) preparing for a retreat in Oakland when I pass back through these parts; and 3) doing last minute reading on Iceland, where I will be for the next 10 days!

I would love to post every day like I did while backpacking from India to Ireland; however, I cannot guarantee this trip will go smoothly.  I have booked my rental and lodging, but Iceland in February-March is littered with unpredictable weather.  Anyone planning a trip to this country who also plans to drive the Ring Road, I highly recommend bookmarking this interactive map – and making sure to frequently refresh it.  I also recommend browsing through some hashtags on Instagram periodically.  It sounds a little bizarre, but I find it very helpful to gauge what kind of conditions are occurring in different areas.  In past trips I’ve actually commented on/direct messaged Instagram users who eagerly replied with advice and their experience that day.

In the past, I would make posts at every chance I could get.  My new rule of thumb with social media/the Internet is to post retroactively.  Although I’ve never had anyone show up in a place I am at that moment, I have posted retroactively and had people send messages because they hightailed it to where they think I am and are looking for me.  So this is a little advice as well to be aware of cyberstalkers – and something to also keep in mind if you use my above tip as others may also practice retroactive posting (either intentionally or because of a lack of data).

Well, that’s all for now!  About to board.  See you on the other side, inshallah!