About Kayla Faith

wordpressName: Kayla Faith DeVault
Age: 22
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Passions & Likes: Learning.  Traveling.  Language.  Native cultures.  Living off the earth. Sustainability.  Photography.  Writing.  Drawing.  Reading.  Cooking.  Mountains.  Archery and shooting.  Hockey and running.  Horses and cats.

I am an undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where I am double majoring in Civil (Environmental/Geotechnical) Engineering and French.  I have interned with Palmer Engineering (Kentucky), GRL Engineers (Ohio), and Exacta Survey (Florida).  I am an active member in Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) and American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES).  I am also a 5-time Junior Olympic inline hockey medalist, first making the Team USA defensive squad at the age of 16.

I grew up in the mountains.  Whether hiking, skiing, or horseback riding, I am only ever alive in the mountains.  My father’s side has been tied the natural resources of these mountains for centuries, a long line of men making their livings from the steel and coal industries.  My mother’s side is full of naturalists who can identify any Appalachian plant and its remedial properties; they have made a living from the life of the mountains themselves.

All my life I have been told I do everything and never slow down, and it’s true.  I never stop going.  I believe that life is about learning, and that one cannot learn without seeing, experiencing, and being.  I am proud of my mixed Amerindian and European heritage.  The DeVault line has long family histories and, although I learn much from my ancestors’ voyages, I know that I must walk their footsteps in order to truly understand their worlds.  But I don’t want to just understand who I am; I want to understand who I am not, to experience the challenges of others firsthand and to witness the beautify of diverse culture with my own senses.  The world is full of misconceptions, and I want to untangle the stereotypes from the truths on my own journeys.

‘What we don’t know, we fear, and what we fear, we destroy…’ I believe in this wholly and wish to conquer the mystery of the unknown while salvaging the mysterious.  I want to use my experiences to reevaluate my own life.  I want to encourage others to do the same.  This is our life, this is our home, this is our time to explore, protect, and love it.

Les Pieds Fatigués (“Tired Feet”) is about my wild, solo adventures during my senior year in school.  I hope to share new places and expose different ways of thinking.  Maybe I can’t bring the world together, but I can at least point out the holes of misunderstanding against the beautifully eclectic and unique threads that hold it together.

I find myself in a different American state or Canadian province every weekend as a D3 pole vaulter and hockey player, but this blog will hold my biggest adventures.  My solo adventures abroad in 2012-2013 are planned to include:

  • Alaska (Oct-Nov 2012)
  • Africa (Dec 2012-Jan 2013)
  • The Caribbean (March 2013)
  • India (May-June 2013)
  • Eastern Europe (June 2013)
  • France & Western Europe (June-Aug 2013)
  • Africa (Aug 2013)

2 thoughts on “About Kayla Faith”

  1. the picture of the mountains looks exactly like where I live where is it?great blog too gave you a follow cause I wanna see more

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